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Here is a new idea of sending my unique greeting cards and prints to your  friends,  lover, relatives and colleagues to invite peace, joy, luck, prosperity, good health and good relationship into their lives.  
I accept payments with Google Wallet or by checks (US$).  If you would like to pay your order with a check, please send  your order with your check  to: Spring's Greeting Cards, P.O. Box  3527, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91729,  U.S.A. 
BUDDHA & KUAN-YIN GREETING CARDS (6), $1.25 each.  Inside:  "May Buddha bless you."  "May Kuan-Yin bless you."  Buddha and Kuan-Yin are the symbol of possibility.  They encourage us not to despair but to dive deeply into our hearts to find the wisdom that can heal and liberate us.  It is our buddha-nature that inspires us to reach out a hand to comfort and support a friend in need, to forgive someone who has harmed us, and to say no to injustice.
Here, Buddha and Kuan-Yin are delivering a very special gift for you when you are ready to receive it.   They also invite you to quiet your mind and open your heart to a new way of looking at yourself and the world around you that may change your life forever.
FIGURE & ANIMAL PAINTINGS GREETING CARDS (16),  $1.25 each.  Inside: "May the joys of love, good health, and prosperity be yours." 
Here is an opportunity to explore the beauty and grace of Chinese culture. 
FENG SHUI GREETING CARDS (10), $2.25 each.  Inside:  "May the joy of good Feng Shui be with you today and always." 
Having good Feng Shui means enjoying peace and prosperity; having healthy and harmonious lives. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art about the way of wind and water and  about elements working in harmony to promote our health and success in life.  The philosophy of Feng Shui is about creating an environment that is energetically personalized to promote a person's well being according to the laws of nature.  It makes perfect sense for us to have homes and offices that allow us to be comfortable, healthy, productive and progressive.  Display these auspicious Feng Shui greeting cards will help bring the needed protection, and to attract love, good health, and prosperity into your life. 
 Buddha is an eternal symbol of wisdom and compassion.  When gazing on these  images of Buddha, we feel calm instantly.  Buddha teaches us to be peaceful, not to battle with ourselves, and let things be.
PRINTS OF DRAWING OF KUAN-YIN (26), 7"X10", 26 graceful and elegant images of Kuan-Yin.
Bodhidarma was the founder of Chinese Chan Buddhism, the founder of Shaolin Gong-Fu School, and the father of Japanese Zen Buddhism.  He represents wisdom and compassion, strong will and perseverance, meditation and mind development, and unity of spirit and body.
You can see the serene faces and the tranquil smiles in many Chinese homes, Chinese Buddhist temples, and any collections of Chinese paintings or statues.  They are the Shakyamuni Buddha, the Founder of Buddhism, and Kuan-Yin, Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.
Buddha and Kuan-Yin are the most popular, most important and celebrated deities in Chinese religion.  They are the healers of the suffering world.  Their eyes are the windows to the spiritual world.
At times of sickness, suffering, or troubles, Buddha and Kuan-Yin are the deities to be invoked.  In their limitless compassion and wisdom, Buddha and Kuan-Yin offer a fresh start, the hope of change, and the opportunity for growth. 
Buddha says that all phenomena are impermanent, and all forms are empty.  If we have an ordinary mind, then we will approach life with acceptance and an open, simple heart.  No matter if we gain or lose, we will accept our circumstances with an ordinary mind.  Consequently, our life will be carefree and tranquil. 
In the world of Buddhism,  joy and sorrow are the same.   Whenever Buddhists pray before a statue of the Buddha or Kuan-Yin, they pray for inspiration.  Inspiration moves one to make life meaningful with positive action and help one attain inner peace.
Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to insight into the true nature of life.  Buddhist practices such as meditation are means of changing oneself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness and wisdom.
The Buddha teaches that there is no permanent subject.  We are like an ever-flowing river -- constantly changing. Nothing is fixed or permanent; actions have consequences (karma); and change is possible.  The hopes, fears and disappointments of the self are illusory.  Every Being has the Buddha Nature. If we recognize this, then we will live lives that are detached, peaceful and free from suffering.
Thus Buddhism addresses itself to all people regardless of race, nationality or gender.  Buddhism teaches practical methods which enable people to realize and utilize its teachings in order to transform their experience to be fully responsible for their lives and to develop the qualities of wisdom and compassion.
I invite you to browse my eStore thoroughly and view each and every image of Buddha and Kuan-Yin.  Open the door of your heart, you will hear the quiet voice of Buddha and Kuan-Yin offering their compassion and wisdom.   You will meet them in your heart and  be blessed with spiritual wisdom and inner peace. (Oct 2003)

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