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The planet Venus in the signs of the Zodiac gives important information about how you express your emotions in your relationships, especially in love and marriage.  It shows who and what you love , how you love it, and what brings joy to your heart.    It also gives information about  your attitude toward money, personal possession, and social values.  

Venus in the houses gives information how you express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of your life.

If your Venus receives unfavorable or stressful aspects from other natal planets in the Birth Chart, the following basic descriptions will be modified by the nature of that planet and the aspect. 



Aries is the first sign, and a natrual starting point for all kind of projects.  Aries is fiery, brave, and impulsive.  So, with Venus in Aries, you are good at channeling "Aries' me-first energy" to initiate changes, new beginning, especially in relationships and love. 

You tend to be aggressive in your emotional self-expression, and can be competitive when seeking the affections of others.  If someone hurts you, you will stand up to protect your own feelings.  You learned early on to defend yourself.  Your outgoing nature gives enthusiasm and sparkle to social gatherings.

Venus in Aries is in its detriment, because Aries is the opposite sign to Libra, which Venus rules.  Therefore,  you demand a lot of personal attention and tend to be self-centered.

If Venus is afflicted in Aries, your manner can be coarse, lacking refinement. You may have an early or hasty marriage that usually has many inharmonies.  If Venus is well aspected, you have a positive, cheerful attitude.  You also have the ability to be actively creative in artistic pursuits.

Venus In the First House 

With Venus in the First House, you possess personal grace, a pleasing manner, and a friendly behavior.  You are socially outgoing and active in efforts to develop friendship and romance.

You are fond of beautiful clothes, and all things that will enhance your personal appearance.  Your natural ability to mix socially is likely to result in business, romantic, and marital opportunities.  You have talents in art, music, or other art forms.



You are solid, secure and well-grounded. You take good care of your money and personal resources.  Material and financial security are very important to you.  you seldom feel the need for being stressed or hurrying.  You resist all changes that do not seem extremely necessarily.

You appreciate all possible physical pleasures, and  want quality in all things. You feel a close relationship with earth, you may take up gardening or growing flowers as a hobby.  Because the Moon, which rules the domestic scene, is exalted in Taurus, you seek to make your home beautiful and artistic. Your home probably is full of pretty things and beautiful arts. 

Taurus is a fixed, earth sign.  When you love someone, your affection is constant and lasting.  Once your deep feeling begins, it will be quite difficult to get you to stop.  You  are sensual in a passive way, seeking to attract rather than pursue the love objective.

With this position of Venus, you tend to like material things, you may engage in business dealing with art and luxury goods.  You can be attracted to artistic expressions.  Painters and sculptors often have Venus placed in this sign.  Because Taurus rules the throat, and Venus gives grace and beauty,  a well aspected Venus may indicate a rich and melodious voice.

Venus In The Second House

Venus in the Second House indicates a love of wealth, beautiful possessions, art objects, and all the lovely things that money can buy.  You seek wealth in order to achieve social status.  You look for romantic or marriage partners who are wealthy and can provide you with the material comforts you desire.  

You are prone to spend too much money entertaining your friends, especially in romantic relationship.  You know how to manage your personal resources, and have talents in business, especially related to the arts.  If Venus is well aspected, you will receive help from friends and social contacts that will lead to business arrangements.



Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is a mutable air sign. No matter what planet occupies in Gemini,  that planet is endowed by nature with a love of change quickly.   "Variety is the spice of life." is the Motto for Gemini.  So,  you are always looking for an interesting experience,  information,  movement, and excitement. 

You are very sociable, and are expert at making friend quickly.  You are curious about people.  You want to be friends with everyone.  You know almost everyone at every business.  You will not settle down to one permanent love relationship.  You want freedom and like variety in your romantic and social life.   You usually have more than one marriage.

You can always be found  on the phone.  You spend much time traveling in pursuit of pleasure and social activity.  You have the innate instincts of a writer. Literary activities, and jokes are your favorite artistic expressions, usually including some form of play on words.

Like other Air Signs, you dislike coarse behavior.  You have a pleasing manner and maintain good relations with your siblings, and neighbors.  If Venus is afflicted in this sign, you are inconsistent and inconstant in romance.  Your values regarding love, marriage, and romance may be superficial.

Venus In The Third House

Venus in the Third House indicates an intellectual interest in artistic and cultural pursuits.  You have a special love for literature and poetry, and an ability to communicate harmoniously, both through speech and writing.  You write beautiful love letters and romantic poems.

You will have many short-distance traveling for pleasure and social obligation.  You usually communicate easily with your spouse, siblings, and close friends.

Your social and romantic contacts are through neighbors or people met through neighborhood activities, intellectual pursuits, or newspapers and periodicals.



With Venus in the sign Cancer, you are deeply sensitive, react immediately and emotionally in all circumstances, especially in your romantic feeling.  Your feelings can be easily hurt, but you hide your vulnerability behind a dignified exterior.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon which indicates fluctuation.  Since your mood can be fluctuating and unpredictable, you value both financial and domestic security.

Cancer is the most emotional and most nurturing sign.  You seek marriage as a mean to a stable domestic life, cherishing your family and your home.  You are a natural caregiver, want to take care of your family, make your home a place of comfort and beauty, and the focus of social activities.

It is your job to express emotions.  You are the best nurturer, and the best hugger. You show great sympathy, understanding to people, and animals.  You are always in the mood to take care of someone.  you have a tendency to be over-sensitive, over-dependent, or needy.    

If you are a woman with this Venus position, you are very domestic,  like to cook, and keep your house for those you love.  You have a delicate femininity, which is expressed in a maternal way. Because Cancer is the maternal sign, you are affectionate toward your children.  If you are a man with this Venus position, you can mother your family and children.

Because Cancer is a cardinal sign,  you at times take the initiative when you feel bored and lonely, but you will do it without being noticed.  If Venus is afflicted in Cancer, you may have  a bad temper, unstable emotional reactions, and a tendency to sulk.

Venus In The Fourth House

Venus in the Fourth House indicates emotional attachment to the home and the domestic scene.  Your relationship with family members will be harmonious unless Venus or the Fourth House is afflicted.

You like to entertain your close friends and romantic partners at home where you can cook for them,  and create a warm, personal environment.

You are very  emotionally close to your parents and much happiness comes through them.  Inheritance can come through your parents, if Venus is well aspected.   You have a love of land, gardening, and a patriotic love of the natural beauties of your homeland.  There is a promise of being surrounded by beauty and comfort at the end of  your life.



Leo is a fixed, fire sign. So, Venus in Leo indicates that you have ardent, fixed affection.  You are lover of life and somewhat theatrical in behavior.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe and the creative force, so you have a great deal of social and personal pride.  You are warmhearted, outgoing, sunny, and affectionate. 

You want your feelings to be noticed, admired, and appreciated. You like to give lavish, expensive parties.  You often compete for the center of attention at social gatherings.  Because of your ability to dramatize emotion, you make good actor/actress.  you have the heart of a performer, and the soul of a romantic.

You are born romantic and want courtships full of drama and excitement, and like to show off your partners.  You are fond of children. If Venus is afflicted in Leo, there can be excessive social pride, selfishness, and overconern with sex.

Venus In The Fifth House

Venus in the Fifth House indicates a strong pleasure orientation and a romantic nature.  You have a sunny outlook, with a love of life.  Romance is super important to you.  If Venus is well aspected, you are popular and well liked.  You will enjoy much happiness and pleasure through romance and many romantic opportunities.   

You are very talented, especially in the performing arts. You have a deep love of children.  Your chidlren are likely to be girls with artistic talent and physical beauty.  You can be a good teacher, and child psychologist. 



The sign Virgo is  the most discriminating, most detail-oriented sign.  So, you are most concerned with fixing, fussing, and trouble-shooting.  You are always in the mood to clean, to make your surroundings orderly and more pleasing.  You are extremely health-conscious, work-oriented, and duty-bound.  You pay great deal of attention to diet, hygiene, and daily schedules.  Being good, accurate, and precise in whatever you do make you feel happy.

Venus in Virgo is in its fall, since Virgo is opposite to the sign Pisces, in which Venus is exalted. You tend to over-analyze emotions and be too critical of those you love, making them feel self-conscious, inhibited, and cutting off the spontaneous flow of affection. Venus in Virgo is likely to produce more unmarried people because of the high critical standards in mates. When you do marry, it is often through work.  You seek partner with whom you  can share your work and intellectual interests.

You are capable of sympathy and are helpful to the sick.  Your ability for nurturing makes you a good doctor and nurse.  You can also be a good psychologist, because Venus  in  Mercury-ruled Virgo gives you an ability to combine reason with the emotions, and investigate matters.

If Venus in Virgo is afflicted by Mars, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, you will have an over-reaction against shyness and social propriety, and have a loose living.  You will suffer the feeling of loneliness and frustration.  You are  likely to  retreat into work and intellectual pursuits and the lavishing of affection on some animals.

Venus In The Sixth House

Venus in the Sixth House indicates social activities and romantic involvements established through work.  Your work is usually connected with artistic pursuits or social doings.  You love work, and are harmonious and friendly with co-workers and employers.  You often marry someone you meet through your work.

You love beautiful clothing and have an ability in dressmaking and design.  Your affection on pets and small animals are often lavished. Your health is good, but not robust. Your health often is improved after marriage.

If Venus is afflicted, you tend to be  unnecessary nervous about unimportant things, and pay  much close attention to details.  You may suffer allergies, and hidden trouble with digestion system.


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