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Venus, the planet ruling Libra, is powerful and well placed here.  Relationships, partnerships, and being with someone special are the most important to you.   You are sociable, polite, ultra-friendly, and are attractive to the opposite sex, and have many opportunities for marriage. 

Since Libra's job is to restore balance, you are always willing to extend a hand, be cooperative, and try to persuade others into compromise.  You are blessed with the ability to understand the both sides of every issue, the feelings of others, and  know instinctively how to avoid conflict.  You are unhappy when you are in an unbalanced situation.  

A harmonious marriage and  social relationships are extremely important to you.  You depend heavily on your marriage partner to keep you feeling happy and secure.  So, you will be unhappy and lonely when you don't have one.

Because Libra is an intellectual air sign, you seek intellectual stimulation, companionship, and status  from  personal relationships.  You love people and want to make your surroundings beautiful. 

An afflicted Venus in Libra can lead to superficial emotional and social values, and a lack of well-defined personal values.  You do not like disagreements and discord.  If you are exposed to them too frequently, you become nervous, upset, and often ill.

Venus In The Seventh House

Venus in the Seventh House indicates social ability and a happy marriage, if Venus or the Seventh House is not afflicted.  You have an ability to deal with the public, such as sales, public relations, and the performing arts.  You are popular because of your pleasant manner and consideration of others.

You seek marriage for the romantic fulfillment and happiness it provides.  You often marry early and enjoy social and financial prosperity through marriage.  You express love in your personal relationship and usually receive love in return.

You seldom need to become involved in law-suits, but when you do, you will try to settle it out of the court. 



Venus in Scorpio is in the sign of its detriment, because Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus, which Venus rules.  Scorpio is a fixed, feminine, water sign, that is co-ruled by assertive Mars and deep intense Pluto.  With this Venus position, the emotions and sexual desires are strong and passionate, jealous and secretive.  You feel everything extremely and deeply that may prevent you from seeing other people's points of view.

All of your emotions are deep, almost becoming obsessive.  If you are not sure about something, especially in love affairs, you can become secretive, or suspicious. You need to become totally intimate with someone you trust.  You are capable of loving just as intensely as you can hate.  You are the very best friend, the most devoted lover, and the very worst enemy.  Once you sever an important relationship, it can never be reinstated .  You will never again allow that person to affect you personally.

Your emotional intensity gives you a colorful personality.  You are attracted to occult sciences and inner mysteries. You are also an expert at playing detective by investigating mysteries, doing research, or digging things.  You can get through absolutely anything because you are built for endurance.

If Venus is afflicted in Scorpio, you can use your sex appeal to gain power over people and manipulate them.  There is much pride in sex and romance. Also, there is a danger that you want to dominate, or subtly control  a close personal relationship, or business partnership. 

Venus In The Eighth House

Venus in the Eighth House indicates financial gain through marriage, other partnership, and social relations.  If Venus is well aspected, it indicates an inheritance.  If Venus is heavily afflicted here, there can be a highly sensuous nature or an overemphasis on sex.  Your marriage will be motivated by the possibility of financial gain.

The Eighth House position gives overly intense emotions and sometimes jealousy and possessiveness, because Venus is in the natural house of Scorpio, the sign of its detriment.



You are  optimistic, idealistic, and spiritually-oriented.  You seek to be honest and open in your feelings and reactions to those you love. You will often try to convert your loved ones to your own religious beliefs or moral principles. You generally seek to marry within your own religious or philosophic views.

You are ruled by benevolent Jupiter that is also the planet of long-distance travel, educating the higher mind.  You love to collect knowledge, experiences, wisdom, and enjoy outdoor activities, and love to travel to distant places.  You know how to enjoy life.  You are a comedian, a  philosopher, and a preacher.   

You are quite at home on the road, even in foregin countries.  You probably live somewhere that's far away from your birthplace. You often seek to marry foreigners or people of foreign places, or other race, those with advanced education, or with connections to institutions of higher learning.

Your taste in art and decor tends to be lavish, and you are fond of art forms that have a religious motif, and religious music can deeply affect you. You have a smile on your face at all times because you believe that everything will work out just fine.  You have a gift for lending out this same optimism to those who need it. The song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" was written for you.

If Venus is afflicted in Sagittarius, there can be bluntness that offends the feelings of others, impractical idealism in romance, and a tendency to impose religious and moral standards dogmatically on loved ones.

Venus In The Ninth House

Venus in the Ninth House indicates a love of philosophy, religion, and art.  You often take long journeys for pleasure.  Your marriage partner and other important social and romantic contacts can be met through universities, churches, or during long journey, or in foreign countries. 

You have a strong attachments to foreigners or people of other races and religions.  You may try to convert your loved ones to your own religious or philosophic views.  Yo are ordinarily well educated in artistic and cultural history.  You may be a scholar in these fields.  You have a profitable, harmonious relationships with your in-laws.



You need material status and wealth in order to achieve emotional security.  You often seek to improve your status by marrying above your station in life.  Proud and reserved in your public behavior, you do not like to show your emotion and affection openly and publicly. Because of the Saturn rulership of Capricorn, You can repress your emotions and sexuality.  You attract sympathy through your quiet personal dignity and refinement.

You are organized, practical, cautious, and dutiful.  You prefer to work rather than play.  Your goals for your career and for the future are the most important.  You like to take care of family business, and be in charge of every situation.  You make sure whatever you do is the right thing to do.  You conform to set rules, touch all the bases, and follow the rules. 

If you marry young, you seek older and  more mature partner.  If you marry late in life, you choose younger mate whom you can stabilize and provide with security in return for affection.  You are loyal and steadfast to those you love, because you realize your  personal responsibility in important relationships.

You have a strong sense of composition and structure.  You like the classical music and other traditional art forms that have preserved its value through the test of time.  Since you have business and managerial ability in matters related to art, you may become an antique dealer, or art gallery director.

If Venus is afflicted in Capricorn, there can be emotional coldness and overconcern with property, and material goods.  Your marriage can be made for money and status, with no love or affection.

Venus In The Tenth House

Venus in the Tenth House indicates social and artistic ambition.  You will probably choose a profession related to the arts, and if you have artistic talent, you have  a good chance for recognition.  You are likely to seek marriage with someone who will bestow status and wealth.  You often maintain good relations and friendship with employers and those in position of power.  

The Tenth House is the natural house of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn teaches patience. So, Venus in the Tenth House often signifies love delayed. You will often marry late in life.  Your marriage will be likely to be successful if Venus receives no stressful aspects from other planets in your Birth Chart.

If Venus is afflicted in the Tenth House, you can be a social climber, and forget your old friends once you achieve your social ambition.



Aquarius is a rebellious sign.  You are quite ready to break free from the past, say "No" to rules and regulations that you consider unfair or ridiculous.  You are always ready to do something different, love to be seen for the unique indidividual you are, regardless of what you have to do to achieve that purpose.

You want to be friendly with everyone, but not necessarily on a personal basis. You are popular and well liked, and you generally have many friends.  You have a sparkling, unusual quality in your personal manner. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the king of personal freedom and individuality. So, you have a strong desire for greater personal freedom, or new experience.

Your attitude toward social and sexual morality may be unusual.  Your romantic attraction is often sudden and casual, not necessarily stable or lasting. You find intellectual stimulation important in romance and marriage.  You are attracted to ingenious or eccentric types, and those who will help you expand your social life.  Your romantic partner or spouse must be a friend as well as lover, and must understand that you require variety and mental stimulation, and dislike boring routine.

You are attracted to art forms that are extremely modern or extremely ancient.  You like electronic forms of art.  You inspire yourself to express via styles of clothing or hair.  You do not like schedules, you tend to change major plan at the very last minute. You just adore surprise, whether you are on the giving or receiving end. You have an innate emotional need to be different, to make sure everyone know just how different you are.

If Venus is afflicted in Aquarius, sexual habits can be eccentric and promiscuous.  You are sincerely intend to remain constant in  your affections, but your emotional outlook is subject to radical sudden changes which can result in your breaking old relationship without any apparent reason. 

You may have stubborn emotional attitudes and  refuse to see other points of view.  Because Aquarius is a fixed sign, if Venus is well aspected, there can be sustained loyalty to someone you truly love and respect.

Venus In The Eleventh House

Venus in the Eleventh House indicates warm friendships and relationships established through group activities.  Your kindness to your friends assures that you will receive kindness from them.  For this reason, your hopes and wishes have a good chance of being achieved.  With this Venus position, you surely have many friends of the opposite sex.  You also like to establish friendships with artists and musicians.

Your marriage partner often is met through friends and group activities, and consequently will share in these activities.  Your friends often become romantic partners, and romantic partners become friends.



Venus in the sign Pisces is in its exaltation.  So, you have a great compassion, deep sympathy, and high capacity to understand the feelings of others, you know what it is like to be in another person's shoes.  The experience of having been through all the signs of the Zodiac gives you the ability to identify with all types of humanity.

You are romantic and sensitive.  You marry for love. Unless you  receive clear demonstration of love and affection from others, you feel lonely and disappointed.  You are often afraid of being hurt, and hesitate to express your feelings, and suffer the pain of love in silence. Sometimes, you sublimate your feeling of loneliness into religious expressions.  

You have talents and are quite capable of  artistic, poetic, and musical creation.  This Venus position probably has more innate ability for inspired artistic creativity than other placements.

Pisces belongs to Neptune, the planet that rules altered states of reality.  So, you love sleep, meditation, and may be a glass of wine, and whatever induces warm and pleasant escape from the harshness of reality.  You need this type of escape because you are extremely susceptible to what is going on in the world, especially in your immediate environment.

It is very easy for you to absorb the emotion of others, sometimes you confuse them with your own.  At those times, you may withdraw and hide your feelings.  Your need to retreat is your emotional self-defense.

You are quite compassionate with people, animals, and those in suffering.  You will open your heart and your door to strays of any kind, especially, the victims.  People may take advantage of your sympathies.  

If Venus is afflicted in Pisces, there can be excessive sentimentality, lack of discrimination in choosing love objects, laziness, dreaming, and escaping from reality. You may suffer neurotic tendencies, or mental illness.

Venus In The Twelfth House

Venus in the Twelfth House indicates a love of quiet and solitude.  Your personal and social contacts often are secretive, and there can be secret love affairs.  Your social shyness can lead to loneliness or romantic frustration.

You have an emotional and artistic attunement to the unconscious mind, which can give deep artistic inspiration.  Much of your personal behavior is motivated from an unconscious level.  You are kind and sympathetic toward those in trouble.  Your own feelings are sensitive and easily hurt.  There is  a great deal of compassion with this  position, because it corresponds to the sign Pisces, in which Venus is exalted. 


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